• Sexuality, movement, glamour and wit...

  • what's not to

  • love about burlesque?

Sexuality, movement, glamour and wit – what’s not to love about burlesque?

As a performer, having the opportunity to combine sexuality and creativity is invigorating. We allow ourselves to let go of all judgment and perform freely on stage, commanding the attention of our audience. By trusting in ourselves, our distinctive styles, high heels, bright lipstick and elaborate lace costumes, we master the art of seduction.

One of my all time favorite burly performers is Dita Von Teese. She tops the charts with her larger than life performances, decked out in Swarovski-encrusted pin up lingerie costumes. Although her costumes are usually extravagant, she would be first to admit strong and supportive undergarments are key to burlesque fashion.

homeNothing says bold and beautiful like a beautifully structured and designed corset. If you are looking to spice up your stage performance, enhance a night out on the town, or simply make yourself feel like the goddess that you are, you