Bernie’s Advice? Foundations!

Gorgeous and glamorous modern pinup icon, Bernie Dexter, gives amazing advice about foundations in her interview with The Lingerie Addict! She knows that a smooth silhouette begins with great foundation garments.

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Do you have any lingerie tips for my readers who want to get that perfect pin-up shilouette?
YES! Foundations! foundations! foundations! I highly recommend my BernieDexter for Lucy B. Merry Widow! It holds everything in without being as extreme as wearing a corset.  When you get comfy with the merry widow, then you can add the Bernie Dexter for Lucy B. steel-boned corset waist cintcher that will be coming soon!

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Rockabilly Culture

Some of us are still living in the past, surrounded by vintage decor and adorning their bodies in old-fashioned clothing! Isn’t it beautiful?

It may be 2014 to the rest of us, but for the subjects in Jennifer Greenburg’s photographs, it is still 1951.

The assistant professor of photography at Indiana University Northwest has been photographing America’s Rockabilly community for more than ten years; people that not only dress like it’s the Fifties, but also drive perfectly preserved Cadillacs and decorate their homes with furniture to rival the retro sets of Mad Men.

‘At first I thought the culture was about fashion,’ the 36-year-old photographer told MailOnline. ‘Then I realized it was much, much, more than that. I realized that this was a culture of people who functioned as a community.’


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The people who are STILL living like it’s 1951: Captivating portraits take a look inside America’s Rockabilly community


Ariana Grande’s Grammy Dress

Ariana looked so gorgeous and classy in her Grammy dress! You hardly see this kind of elegance on red carpets anymore. As beautiful as she was, not everyone’s a fan of modest fashions. Perez Hilton found the look offensive and nearly made her cry with a hurtful tweet!

Do you like it? Blue Velvet Vintage wrote a great piece in her defense that you might like.



“Now as someone who regularly wears and makes a living selling clothing that looks similar to this,  I am well aware that there is a market for this look.  Just as there is a market for many other kinds of looks. That’s what makes fashion so interesting.  It’s a fun way to express your own unique self! There are many choices for many different tastes.  And I, for one, think her dress is classy, feminine and timeless.  It is refreshing to see a young woman dressed this way and I hope she continues to do so.  I think it makes an outstanding signature look and she could be a role model for women her age.   I am very tired of seeing the same old skin tight, cleavage and thigh baring outfits on young women, which,  IMHO,   just lacks imagination.”

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