Shopping for Vintage Lingerie

When buying vintage lingerie, what should you keep in mind?

Vintage fashionista Solanah gives her expert advice on The Lingerie Addict.


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“Most of my lingerie and shapewear comes from vintage stores or thrift stores, so that generally means they are used, and quite often, I come across well worn items that won’t last much longer. Here’s some tips to find some great vintage lingerie that will serve you well.”

– Solanah

Why Grandma Dressed Better Than You

Your grandmother dressed better than you do! The Huffington Post shares 7 reasons why vintage fashion did it better. What ever happened to the quality of clothing, anyway?

It’s a common problem when discussing vintage fashion: Just how different clothing was “back in the day” versus now. If you’re like me, you nearly start to turn into a one-off version of Andy Rooney, grumbling about the sloppy hems, plastic buttons and the rarity of natural fabrics in today’s shops.

– Brie Dyas

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Marketing With Dead Celebrities

The sight of a classic beauty from the past grabs our attention and admiration in a way that marketers love. Take a look behind the scenes to see the business that goes into using a dead celebrity to promote a brand.


 Today, the marketing, licensing and commercial use of dead celebrities is an estimated $3.0 billion business. Our own payments to the beneficiaries of departed icons utilized in commercials have grown by nearly 20% in the past two years.

Granny’s Retro Treasures

If you want to look retro chic, don’t ignore the granny section anymore! The Nylon Swish discovered treasures there and shares.


“Buying vintage or replica vintage underwear can be challenging for a couple of reasons, first of all, it can be very expensive, and this limits the number of items that most people can afford to buy at one time. My base set of underwear from What Katie Did included a corset, a couple of girdles, a couple of bras, a corselette and some stockings; this came to about 550 pounds, not something that I could afford to do every month.” – Elinor

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