Fashion is Shape

Fashion is an ever-changing shape. The ideal figure that trends seek to perfect has been changing throughout history. Women can take drastic measures to be perceived as beautiful in the eyes of their societies. This has always been fascinating, but the practices of the past were even more amazing in how incredibly severe they were. When you look back at the history of fashion, it’s easy to feel grateful for the advances in technology that created the soft, flexible, and glamorous pieces of shapewear we wear today!

The different shapes of beauty and the methods used to alter the body in the name of fashion can be seen on Fashion Era if you’re interested in knowing more about it. It just proves that looks could quite literally kill.

Fashion is a shape, a changing shape. That shape is mainly formed and controlled by some device which affects part of the body’s natural outline. What is considered beautiful in the eyes of one race may be thought horrific in another. Beauty then is in the eye of the beholder, and for centuries beauty has been shape.”