Your Worst Enemy

The worst enemy of any lover of vintage clothing… the clothes moth.


“Here’s a question….Who are tiny, greedy, can make you cry, loves vintage just as much as you, and can live in your wardrobe for up to 2 years? The bastardy clothes moth!…


“Yes, the absolute worst has happened; moths have invaded our little home and seem to have set up camp for the long haul. We first noticed them flittering about last Spring, but they seemed to disappear, but in our ignorance, we didn’t relaise that the larvae can live for up to 2 years in your clothes, happily nibbling away and destroying your precious vintage! We’ve tried a few things… a noxious spray that makes you choke like your lungs are on fire, cedar wood hanging things and have just invested in anti-moth strips. The annoying and upsetting thing, is knowing that the larvae is there and that you can’t see it, while your lovely clothing is getting slowly destroyed.” – Yesterday Girl

How can you get rid of these monsters? Yesterday Girl suffered losses and did her research in order to combat them. Learn some of what she learned with her blog post “Enemy Number One for Vintage Clothing.” Let us know if you have any advice!