Time’s Intimate Apparel Timeline

See the development of underwear and its technology throughout fashion history in a timeline created by Time Magazine articles in a blog post called “Time Marches On with Girdles, Bras, & Panties.” It’s interesting to see how styles and attitudes regarding intimate apparel have changed over time.


As a fixture of newsstands, libraries, waiting rooms, and coffee tables across the country,TIME® has played a central role in the coverage of political, economic, foreign-affairs, and scientific news.  But it’s also covered stories related to pop culture and lifestyles, including the latest developments from the world of fashion.  And concerns related to women’s underwear have been no exception.


Lisa Freemont: Foundations Garments

Need vintage beauty advice? Check out Lisa’s YouTube channel. She knows the importance of wearing foundations garments to properly fit into dramatically defined vintage dresses, giving a few recommendations of her own. The pretty Rago style 2107 waist cincher is displayed at 8:35 with some great fitting advice.

Lizzy Caplan Loves Girdles, Too

Actress Lizzy Caplan fell in love with vintage foundation garments after wearing it for her costume as Virginia Johnson in Masters of Sex. Read her interview about it!


“I became very attached to the underwear and would take it home. I loved the girdle and the stockings. It really helps your posture and is so flattering.” – Lizzy Caplan